In the new internet era of smart products, the need for intelligent office keeps increasing. Monitoring and control of office becomes more liquidity and regional. Intelligence office system includes three major applications - security, environmental protection, intelligent control. Our KUJU is the best choice to fully satisfy the needs by our simple install, easy to operate, cost-effective solution.




Centralized Management Platform

Through tablets and mobile phones to manage and control your office equipment, security alarm, scene control, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.


Scene Control

One button to enables different scene - Conference Scene, Presentation Scene, All On/Off, Arm / Disarm and other convenient and practical scenes to realize energy saving, office management, lighting control, air-conditioning control, curtains and projection screen control.


Intelligent Interaction

The system can control various types of equipment automatically depending on the actual environment in your offices. When the temperature is too high and it was detected, the air conditioner will automatically turn on when the office is occupied and the temperature is high. But also according to air quality and lighting linkage related equipment, our system can also provide a more comfortable working environment by controlling different equipment based on the actual environmental situation of your offices, such as air quality, light level, temperature, occupy status.


Energy Saving

The system can continuously monitor the electricity consumption of your offices and reduce the power consumption of certain area by information analysis to achieve real-time control and energy saving. The system will able to find out any irregularities, such as computers, lightings, air-conditioners turn on at night time. 


Safe and Secure

By installation our sensors and webcams, our system can provide effective warning and alarm when an exception occurs in order to provide a safe and secure environment.