The latest data shows that China has more than 200 million old people. Due to work, study, marriage and other reasons, children is away from their family which caused half of the total number of the elderly is living alone. Daily Living Assist, Health Care, Security Monitoring becomes extremely important.


Health Care

Help the elderly to develop the habit of regular inspection and on-time medication taking, can prevent disease as well as reduce the cost of treatment by different smart health care products. Our system will promptly remind their families by phones when elderly health indicators are abnormal. Our system will provide voice reminder to elderly for on-time medication, record and report the number of medication and time to their family or care personnel by phone.

Family Monitoring

Monitor and record the elderly activity, live tracks, reduce the worries of their children who are working outside the city. One key to call their children and caregivers to ensure safety, children can always see the live time situation of the elderly at home, to ensure normal activities for the elderly. With gas detector and smoke detector to ensure safety and avoid accidents due boil water on the stove or cooking.

Assisted Comfort Living

By preset scene control, elderly can switch off all the devices by one button when leaving the home. All the lights, air conditioning, curtains and various electrical appliances can be control by one panel remotely. You can also preset particular scene according to elderly habits. Our system can also provide automatic intelligent control of indoor light levels, temperature level for the elderly to read rest and comfort living.