With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, more people are interest to experience the wisdom of life - customized living comfort, multi-functional security alarm, remote home, energy conservation. KUJU is your solution to create a comprehensive, safe, comfortable, energy saving smart home system.

KUJU smart home solution is not just for our dream and pursuit of high-tech, it is also our spiritual work in the background of fast-paced, we can know everything in order to narrow the distance between the family members and the family anytime, anywhere via our KUJU system. 



Safe and Secure
KUJU security system can link up different products, such as magnetic contact, motion sensor, smoke detectors, flood sensors, gas sensors, camera…etc. to provide alarm information and send the alarm automatically via your mobile phone which protect your life and your property.


Energy saving
KUJU system can help users to understand the home electricity consumption, analysis of the electricity consumption by individual user habits in order to develop energy-saving scheme by using our smart devices. A key scene switch allows you to reduce electricity consumption by switch off appliances by one button. You can also minimize energy consumption in standby modes from your electrical appliances, not only for convenient but also saving your electricity bill.


Convenient Living
Unlimited scene presets will bring your life to a new realm. Whether eating, reading, watching movies, sleeping, the pre-programmed scenes can master all the lights, air conditioning, curtains and all kinds of electrical appliances quickly in place.