Customized System is a complete intelligent system solution, which enables remote control, scene management, security monitoring, lighting control, environmental management. It provided integrated solutions based on different needs from different customers. Our KUJU SDK (Software Development Kit) includes a client SDK and Z-Wave SDK, customers can use the KUJU SDK to realize their automatic intelligent systems ---- cloud management, user interface and gateways quickly and effectively.





Customers can customize their own unique user interface style according to their industry and business segment without knowing the complex communication protocol in Z-Wave system. Customer can also build their own gateway quickly by our KUJU SDK.

Cloud Platform
Customer is flexible to use their own cloud platform or our KUJU platform based own their needs in order to enhance or strengthen their business in their professional district and achieve maximum business profit.

Corporate Business Achievement
Intelligence Community, Smart City, Internet-of-Things (IoT) have been widely encourage and promote everywhere. Smart home is always the starting point of these concepts. Our KUJU customized system solution is definitely the best choice to help our customers to build their own professional solutions.